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After living in London and Suffolk Tony and Alice moved to Campions in North Essex in 2005 and started their smallholding project. Where they can, they live 'off the land', using as many natural, free range and organic resources as possible, to grow, source and cook natural, sustainable, seasonal food.


PLAN BEE is a long-term side project from his photography work. Tony's always expanding their smallholding permaculture project. He produces some of the best rare breed organic pork, chicken, eggs, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and honey available, supplying their own and a few other select kitchens in the South East.


His plan is to help reintroduce the native black honeybee that became almost extinct in the U.K. and to take orders on installing honeybee colonies in homes and businesses in the South East, where he can supply and manage bee hives and extract honey for people and businesses who are looking to increase their support for biodiversity and sustainability.


Tony’s method of beekeeping has a light touch, there’s no unnecessary interfering and the bees are mostly left to themselves and only the excess honey is taken off the most well-established colonies. Most of his hives have been established from wild natural swarms that wouldn’t survive wet winters; his first consideration is always the bees.


His natural beekeeping approach, as far as possible, allows bees to live as they do in nature. This includes their environmental, genetic and management dimensions and particularly their natural honey making abilities. 'The comb honey I produce is as natural and as organic as I can control, as our orchard, vegetable garden and wild forage is grown entirely without chemicals and pesticides'.

Prices for PLAN BEE beehives are on a sliding scale, with discounts available for schools, colleges, care settings, and home gardens. Beehives and colonies can be bought, rented, or sponsored, with ongoing management and delivery of finished raw honey as required. Drop Tony an email to discuss your needs, or to arrange a call or site visit.


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