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'Behind The Scene' looks back at Tony Briggs’ official photography work with Ocean Colour Scene at the height of their powers. Released with the band’s full blessing, this bespoke hardback coffee table book is an intimate pictorial record of the band’s meteoric rise to fame through the period which saw them release the classic albums: ‘Moseley Shoals’, ‘B-Sides, Seasides & Freerides’ and ‘Marchin Already’. Full of behind-the-scenes pictures, iconic album covers and never-before-seen images; 'Behind The Scene' is adorned with choice quotes from the band, stories from those who were there and with an exclusive foreword by OCS’ legendary guitarist Steve Cradock.


Across its 250 elegantly designed pages, Briggs beautifully documents the band enjoying the spoils of their long-earned chart success from the very heart of the action. From ecstatic scenes of the band ripping-out an embryonic 'Hundred Mile High City' in the studio, to posing about London in gifted Mini Coopers, and the moment they walked out to 200,000 adoring fans at Glastonbury; there’s even appearances from contemporaries including Paul Weller, Liam & Noel Gallagher, Ray Davies, the England ‘98 Squad and more. Ocean Colour Scene’s momentous chapter in rock’n’roll is one worth revisiting and 'Behind The Scene' re-opens it vividly.


This special limited edition art-photography book fitted in a custom slipcase, presented in a large hardback format, with its images reproduced in beautiful, high end, photographic quality. Designed by Pete Kelsey (who worked on the ‘Marchin Already’ album and all of the associated single artworks), 'Behind The Scene' is an essential accessory for the band’s dedicated fanbase, plus anyone who remembers Britpop with a fondness - from the fashion to the festivals, the football to the faces that made it a pop-cultural phenomenon.


When asked why he decided to revisit his work all these years later, Tony said: “There really has been a lack of content, written or on-screen, about OCS, so this book is my tribute to possibly the UK’s most underrated band”. Behind The Scene: Ocean Colour Scene Imagery & Imagination 1995-1998 is a strict limited edition of only 500 and has fast become a collectors item.

Praise for Tony Briggs’ Behind the Scene...


Honoured to have this beautiful hardback book, congratulations to Tony for all the iconic photos.  This truly is a thing of beauty and if you were ‘on the scene’ in the mid-nineties then it’s a must . |  I haven’t put mine down in a week and still finding something new.  |  Behind the Scene, fabulous, beautiful, a real work of art. | A book you can cherish this for ever... and it smells amazing!  I'm  Honoured to have this beautiful coffee table book, it’s a gorgeous piece of work. | Tony, the book is amazing, you can feel the work and love that’s gone into it, congratulations. | Behind the Scene, it just doesn’t come any better, it's a beautiful thing. | The memories this book provokes, looking forward reading it again and again, while listening to The Scene. | Simply WOW what an outstanding book, it literally took my breath away. | A superb addition to my collection, what a time it was to be alive, brings back so many beautiful memories. | Behind the Scene is a beautifully detailed and presented piece of work, outstanding. | Bravo Briggsy, you totally smashed

it. | Your book arrived today and it's 'king magic, superb work mate.

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