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Tony Briggs’ body of work over the last (thirty) years represents a collision of iconic imagery that epitomises how underground youth culture has now become the mainstream. You won’t find a photographer with more range and experience, he's the genuine article in a world teeming with impostors.

Aesthetica Magazine


Tony Briggs, Gold in his teeth, Silver in his eyes, Diamond in his heart.

Bill Bailey, Comedian

A Tony Briggs shoot is far more fun than it should be. He creates an atmosphere around him that puts everyone simultaneously at their ease and ready to do their very best for him. He’s one of the good ones.

Stephen Fry


That is the best photo I've seen in my life.

Ricky Gervais

Rarely have I worked with someone who cares so much about the end result. His professionalism and talent are matched only by his unflappable attitude and sense of fun.

Brendan Wilkins, Creative Director.


Tony Briggs is possibly one of the best photographers of the past few decades. Very probably the best British one anyway. Definitely the best one from Sunderland.

Sam Delaney


There is no way I'm giving you a testimonial.

Kate Moss

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