Tony Briggs, puts the 'B' in subtle

'Rarely have I worked with someone who cares so much about the end result. His professionalism and talent are matched only by his unflappable attitude and sense of fun'
Brendan Wilkins, Creative Director.

'Tony Briggs’s body of work over the last twenty years represents a collision of iconic imagery that epitomises how underground youth culture has now become the mainstream'
Aesthetica Magazine

'Tony Briggs, Gold in his teeth, Silver in his eyes, Diamond in his heart'
Bill Bailey, Comedian

'Photo sessions can often be stressful and trying, but not with Tony Briggs. He managed to coax a natural smile out of me, which was quite an achievement. He is a photographer dedicated to relaxing his subject. (His offer of hand relief was not, in the end, necessary).'
Julian Clary

'There is no way I'm giving you a testimonial'
Kate Moss