Hopetown is an independently-made short film by Westley Gibbons and Tony Briggs.  It follows Jon who, after missing his last train home, finds himself wandering the streets of the city. Tormented by issues with his father, he suffers the night from hell until salvation arrives in the form of two unlikely allies. With their help he finds a way home, in every sense of the word.

Influenced by the work of Mike Leigh, John Schlesinger and Ken Loach, Hopetown is a character piece about three people, drawn together by chance. Each live in the shadows and each struggles with regret, expectation and remorse.  Yet all three are surviving with their strength, love and hope. Filled with comedy and heartfelt emotion, Hopetown is beautifully shot in black and white and showcases excellent performances from three lead actors, Steve Furst as Dustin, Grant Gillespie as Brendan and Aakash Kashul as Jon.

Tony and Wes have been friends since working together as black & white printers in Soho in the late eighties and have always wanted to make a feature film so, after the first Covid lock-down in 2020, they began production of Hopetown. With Wes writing and directing and Tony producing, shooting and editing they have produced a short film that they are truly proud of...

For full cast, crew, trailer & playlist and to join our mailing list for the premier screening in Soho this summer, please go to hopetown.co.uk