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Tony was the exclusive photographer and video director for Ocean Colour Scene from Moseley Shoals to Marchin' Already, publishing his book 'Soul Driver' in 2014, releasing his feature documentary film 'SCENE' in 2017 and is currently launching his new coffee table 'book of the film' 'Behind the Scene' due for release in August 2022. 

"For a brief time in the late-90s, Ocean Colour Scene were just about the coolest band in Cool Britannia. No, really! A new, one-hour, fly-on-the-wall feast, featuring unseen footage of the Brummie four-piece at their Britpop peak goes some way to making good that claim. ‘Scene’ is produced by Tony Briggs, OCS’ official lensman during their glory years, which reached a zenith in 1997 when Cradock and Co’s platinum-shifting Marchin’ Already toppled Oasis’ Be Here Now from the top of the album charts. Briggs’ film – there are no interviews, all the pictures in still and video form do the talking here - captures the former baggy cast-offs enjoying the spoils of long-earned chart success; ripping-out an embryonic Hundred Mile City High

in the studio; posing about London in gifted Minis; walking-out to 200,000 fans at Glastonbury.


As a measure of Briggs’ close association with the band, snippets of Cradock’s wedding in Merlin’s Cave, accompanied by a Merlin-a-like and ex-Style Councillor Mick Talbot on portable piano, provide a bonus highlight. Lookout too for cameo appearances from OCS’ luminaries Paul Weller and Liam and Noel Gallagher - when the pair were on recording and touring terms. Due for an internet-only Boxing Day release, ‘Scene’ will have OCS devotees salivating over their turkey sandwiches - the rest can enjoy a unique view of a worthy underdog revelling in its day. This stands as a superb testament

to Britain’s last great musical era"


Andy Gray, Scootering Magazine.

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